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Dual–use and arms trade control

Checking exports from ship and truck in shipyard

Dual-use and arms trade controls are the policies states employ in order to control the international movement of military products and dual-use items, i.e. goods, software and technologies that have the potential to be used for both civilian and military applications.

SIPRI’s work on dual-use and arms trade controls seeks to raise the quality of information available on national, multilateral and international export control systems and standards as well as promoting further improvements in all of these areas. This involves producing research and publications, developing tools and concepts, conducting seminars and other awareness-raising activities, and carrying out capacity-building efforts.

SIPRI’s research focuses on the development and effective implementation of national, multilateral and international controls and standards in the fields of dual-use and arms export controls as well as related systems of parliamentary scrutiny and public transparency. SIPRI’s work also pays particular attention to the challenges posed by emerging technologies (including among others additive manufacturing [3D printing] and bio-technology) and transfers of software and technology. SIPRI’s capacity-building work has included projects aimed at strengthening national export control systems in European Union member states, South East Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. SIPRI also supports broader efforts in the field of export control capacity-building by maintaining the Mapping ATT-Relevant Cooperation and Assistance Activities database.


Computer hard-drive components

SIPRI focuses on dual-use export controls through developing and strengthening national laws, regulations and relevant embargoes.

A US Air Force military transport aircraft (Lockheed MC-130P Hercules) in Malta, 2006

SIPRI works to develop and strengthen laws, regulations and standards in arms export controls.

Capacity-building seminar

SIPRI works actively to raise awareness and build capacity in the area of dual-use goods and arms export controls.

The European Parliament in Brussels, 2015

SIPRI monitors various transparency and reporting instruments in the field of arms export controls.

Multilateral arms embargoes

SIPRI monitors and analyses multilateral arms embargoes.

Additive manufacturing

SIPRI’s work on AM focuses on its impact on the development and proliferation of conventional weapons, CBN weapons and their delivery systems.

Research staff

Dr Sibylle Bauer is the Director of Studies, Armament and Disarmament, at SIPRI.
Giovanna Maletta is a Senior Researcher and Acting Programme Director for the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme at SIPRI.
Dr Mark Bromley is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme.
Dr Andrea Edoardo Varisco is an Associate Senior Researcher at SIPRI.
Kolja Brockmann is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control programme.
Lauriane Héau is a Researcher in the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme at SIPRI.