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MISTRA Geopolitics

The MISTRA Geopolitics Project aims to critically examine how the dynamics of geopolitics, human security and global environmental change interrelate in an epoch referred to as ‘the Anthropocene’. The programme strives to develop strategies for actors to better navigate and face increasing geopolitical insecurity while taking advantage of opportunities that are generated by innovation and technology development. MISTRA Geopolitics combines critical analyses of the sustainability challenges of the 21st Century with forward-looking strategies for achieving globally agreed sustainable development aspirations.

MISTRA Geopolitics is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA) and brings together a strong interdisciplinary research team consisting of six core Swedish partners: the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), and the universities of Linköping, Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala. In addition, two high-profile international research institutes are also involved: adelphi (Germany) and E3G (UK). The skills of the research team span peace and conflict research, environmental and sustainability politics and governance, and advanced expertise in visualization and decision support. Furthermore, a group of stakeholder partners is also involved, which consists of Swedish government agencies, business enterprises and non-governmental organizations.

Research staff

Dr Malin Mobjörk is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Peace and Development Programme.