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Mistra Geopolitics receives funding for second phase of research

Mistra Geopolitics receives funding for second phase of research
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The Mistra Geopolitics research programme, of which SIPRI is a research partner, has been awarded funding for a second phase of the programme. The 60 million Swedish kronor has been awarded for a four-year period.

From January 2021, the research programme will conduct in-depth analysis on geopolitics, sustainability trends and the consequences of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the second phase of Mistra Geopolitics, researchers from SIPRI’s three research areas will be involved, continuing to explore the interplay between interconnected risks and vulnerabilities, security perspectives and new forms of politics and governance. More specifically, SIPRI will be conducting research on: promoting food security in an era of environmental and geopolitical change; geopolitical impacts of state and stakeholder views on Arctic governance; new technologies as geopolitical shifters; and anticipating the future: humanitarian aid in a changing climate.

Read the press release here.

About Mistra Geopolitics

Mistra Geopolitics is a research programme that brings together diverse disciplines and research approaches spanning peace and conflict; human security; global environmental governance; global environmental change; and the effectiveness of domestic, regional and global policymaking.

Mistra Geopolitics is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) and brings together a strong interdisciplinary research team consisting of six core Swedish partners: Linköping University, Lund University, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), SIPRI, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. In addition, two high-profile international research institutes are also involved: adelphi (Germany) and E3G (United Kingdom). More information about the project is available here.