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Map of Asia


Chinese soldiers during a parade at Tiananmen square Beijing, China in November 2012

SIPRI aims to advance peace and security studies with a particular emphasis on China’s role and impact in global, non-traditional and transnational security.

Man and boy sit next to a motorbike in Nechem, Afghanistan

SIPRI studies the private sector’s potential to contribute to security and economic development in Afghanistan.

Curving road on the Old Silk Route between China and India

SIPRI examines potential trade relations between China and the EU.

Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean Security

SIPRI’s work on the Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean Security will analyse peace and conflict challenges in the region.

Research staff

Dr Jingdong Yuan is an Associate Senior Fellow at SIPRI.
Jiayi Zhou is a Researcher in the Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Fei Su is a Researcher with SIPRI’s China and Asia Security Programme.