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Environment of Peace

Environment of Peace: Security in a new era of risk
Photo: Ishan Tankha / Climate Visuals Countdown

We face a planetary emergency. A compound environmental crisis and a darkening security horizon are feeding each other in dangerous ways. The processes and institutions designed to address both crises are proving inadequate. The further these crises deepen and intertwine, the harder they will be to solve. 

At the same time the urgently needed transition to a zero‑carbon green economy is fraught with risks. But it also offers many opportunities to advance peace, justice and sustainable development. There is a pressing need for decision makers at all levels to understand how the connections work, and to identify practical ways forward.

SIPRI's Environment of Peace initiative aims to raise understanding of how climate change and other environmental crises are transforming what it means to build and maintain peace. Based on the best available evidence from around the world, it highlights the challenges that are already here, the emerging risks, and the pitfalls to avoid in green transitions. It also highlights promising solutions, and illuminates pathways for policy and action.

The initiative launched a major report for policymakers, Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk at the Stockholm Forum for Peace and Development 2022. As well as building on SIPRI’s world-renowned research and analysis, Environment of Peace has engaged leading policy and academic experts and consulted a diverse group of stakeholders, from young activists to frontline practitioners to experienced diplomats. The report was also presented at the Stockholm+50 Conference.

Download translations of the executive summary available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

International expert panel

Research for the Environment of Peace report is being guided and supported by a panel of respected international experts, who will bring their knowledge and experience to the report and help to communicate its findings:


Margot Wallström (Chair), former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Commissioner for the Environment and UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict

Jörg Balsiger, Director, Institute and Hub for Environmental Governance and Territorial Development at the University of Geneva

Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Administrator, UN Development Programme

Ilwad Elman, Chief Operating Officer, Elman Peace Centre, Somalia

Chibeze Ezekiel, National Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Champion for Ghana and Coordinator, Strategic Youth Network for Development

Arunabha Ghosh, Chief Executive Officer, Council on Energy, Environment and Water, India


Hindou Ibrahim, SDG advocate and environmental activist, Chad

Ma Jun, Director, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, China

Johan Rockström, Co-director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attorney General and Minister for Economy, Civil Service and Communications, Fiji

Dan Smith, Director, SIPRI

Isabel Studer, Founding Director, Sostenibilidad Global, Mexico

Ulf Sverdrup, Director, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

The Environment of Peace initiative is funded by the governments of Norway, Switzerland and Sweden.

Learn more

Download the Environment of Peace project brochure in English.

Download translations of the brochure available in Arabic, ChineseFrench, Russian and Spanish.

Watch SIPRI Director Dan Smith and Environment of Peace panellists Margot Wallström, Jörg Balsiger, Ilwad ElmanChibeze EzekielArunabha Ghosh  and Ma Jun talking about the initiative on SIPRI's YouTube channel.

Watch the launch of the Environment of Peace policy report Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk.

Watch the Environment of Peace summary film.




For additional enquiries, please contact the Environment of Peace secretariat:

Research staff

Dr Florian Krampe is the Director of the Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Claire McAllister is the Project Lead for the Environment of Peace 2022 initiative.
Jürg A. Staudenmann is a Seconded Expert for the Environment of Peace initiative.
Dr Geoffrey Dabelko is an Associate Senior Fellow with SIPRI’s Environment of Peace Initiative.
Dr Farah Hegazi is a Researcher in SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Hiromi Nagata Fujishige Dr. Fujishige is an Associate Researcher with SIPRI's Climate Change and Risk Programme and the Environment of Peace initiative.
Dr Elise Remling is an Associate Researcher with SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Anniek Barnhoorn is a Research Assistant with SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Andrea Gadnert is Project Assistant for SIPRI’s Environment of Peace 2022 initiative.
Noah Bell is a Project Assistant for SIPRI’s Environment of Peace initiative.
Emilie Broek is a Research Assistant with SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.