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Regional challenges and opportunities

Regional challenges and opportunities
Middle East space view. Photo: Shutterstock

This strand of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Programme analyses the challenges facing MENA as a whole, in relation to issues such as conflict, climate change, energy, food security, migration, economy and security. Through regional analyses this initiative examines how events and developments over the last decade have transformed regional and international relationships and how these transformations affect political unrest. The objective is to better understand to what extent developments and challenges have a regional footprint and necessitate cooperation at a regional level and with neighbouring regions—for example between North Africa and the Sahel. The analyses aim to identify entry points for policymakers, whilst also highlighting opportunities for regional cooperation and dialogue.

This strand also focuses on regional dialogue and the MENA Programme, in partnership with the Climate Change and Risk Programme, brings together experts and policymakers from MENA and beyond to discuss prospects, opportunities and challenges linked to environmental security in the Gulf. These discussions, together with evidence-based research, are expected to inform policy on how to address some of the most pressing challenges in the region and to identify opportunities for regional cooperation and dialogue.

Research staff

Dr Dylan O’Driscoll is an Associate Senior Fellow in the SIPRI Middle East and North Africa Programme.
Amal Bourhrous is a Researcher in the SIPRI Middle East and North Africa Programme.