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SIPRI produces a variety of videos to cater for different viewing preferences and to serve as an alternative platform to provide insights on peace and security. With events as a core component of SIPRI’s outreach, livestreams and recordings of SIPRI’s conferences and seminars are regularly produced.  


SIPRI Conversations

The SIPRI Conversations series is a collection of conversational-style interviews in which Stephanie Blenckner, SIPRI Director of Communications, talks to a range of experts on topics related to conflict, peace and security. The aim of the series is to highlight issues pertaining to peace and security from an insider's perspective and provide further insight into the projects, methodologies and data that SIPRI experts work with.

Watch the latest episodes on Sweden and NATO, the state of world nuclear forces, space systems and nuclear deterrence and the Missile Technology Control Regime.


The Spotlight series is a collection of short, on the spot interviews, captured on occasions where individuals have visited SIPRI for various events, seminars and workshops or have engaged in external SIPRI activities. The aim of the series is to capture an array of angles and viewpoints that will stimulate further discussions to better understand the conditions for peaceful solutions of international conflicts and for a stable peace.

The series features an array of individuals, including academics, civil society representatives, diplomats, government officials and researchers. Browse through the playlist of  interviews with Margot WallströmHE Dr Ahmed Awad Bin MubarakDr Robert FloydStefan Löfven and fellow ambassadors, researchers, etc.


Several Spotlight interviews have been grouped together in playlists under umbrella films that feature SIPRI experts speaking about a particular set of issues in a region, such as ‘Strengthening chemical security’, ‘Environmental and climate justice, and the dynamics of violence in Latin America’, or ‘Climate change and security in West Africa’. Through these playlists, SIPRI strives to bring regional perceptions, voices and views to the global debate. 


Peace Points

The Peace Points short-film series seeks to deliver key starting points and analysis from SIPRI’s Director, Dan Smith, in the field of peace and security. The episodes are timely and based on recent events in the world.

Explore the archive of past Peace Points, including episodes on the launch of the 2021 SIPRI Yearbook and perspectives on the arms control agenda.


Live stream

Events form a core component of SIPRI’s outreach activities. To bring these to a wider audience, SIPRI regularly broadcasts livestreams of its conference sessions, seminars, and other key meetings. Highlights of 2021 have included events on Perspectives on the arms control agenda in 2021: Obstacles and opportunities, the 2021 SIPRI Lecture by HE Dr Madeleine Albright and the Stockholm Security Conference Opening panel: Battlefields of the future.

Watch the latest event live streamed video at the 2022 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development from the Opening Session and panel on Securing peace in a new era of environmental risk. Watch additional live streamed Forum sessions here.



The SIPRI Reflection series, which follows on from the successful 50th anniversary celebration series, ‘2016–A Year of Reflection’, aims to deliver thoughtful and insightful analysis, driven by SIPRI experts, to guide viewers in key themes of peace and security.

The ‘2017 - SIPRI Reflection: Climate change, peace and security’ seeks to analyse why climate change matters for peace and security. Watch the first film in SIPRI’s Reflection series on climate change, peace and security.


The Searchlight films take an in depth look at a particular peace and security topic or issue. In around 10-minutes, the films seek to educate the viewer by bringing together input from a range of key experts and stakeholders on a particular issue alongside the SIPRI perspective.

So far, films in the series have focused on Article 36 weapon reviews, managing the risks posed by climate change and achieving peace, justice and inclusive governance by 2030.