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Stockholm Security Conference

Stockholm Security Conference


The Stockholm Security Conference is an annual meeting that brings together key stakeholders to discuss global security challenges and how to respond to insecurity.

The conference gathers leading representatives from the political, academic and business worlds, as well as civil society in a joint endeavour to explore the multiple dimensions of security in the world. The geographic representation is diverse, with participants from six continents.

On 8–11 November 2021, SIPRI will host the sixth annual Stockholm Security Conference (SSC 21). The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Battlefields of the Future: Trends of Conflict and Warfare in the 21st Century’.

The conference will explore how current developments in technology have opened potential new battlefields of the future and the means to prevent and mitigate associated risks. Additionally, the conference will examine to what extent the more traditional types of warfare are adapting to newly available means or providing non-traditional actors with new opportunities to have a bigger role.

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Browse the 2021 conference programme here and see the registration details and links for each session. The conference will be held in a virtual format.

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