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2020 Stockholm Security Conference

2020 Stockholm Security Conference

Online event

On 18 November 2020, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will host the fifth annual Stockholm Security Conference. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘International Cooperation: Navigating the Way Ahead’ and it will be convened online.

Through plenaries and breakout sessions, the conference will look at the current challenges to international institutions, regimes and treaties. Discussions will explore the drivers behind the decline of multilateralism—namely the deficit in trust, reluctance to cooperate and selective approaches to international law. The Stockholm Security Conference 2020 will also aim to identify ways to put multilateral cooperation back at the top of the political agenda so that states can strengthen their abilities to jointly respond to shared problems—like arms proliferation, climate change or pandemics.

Specifically, the conference agenda will be split into thematic, institutional and regional sessions: thematic sessions will take place on nuclear arms control and peace operations; institutional sessions will focus on the OSCE and the UN; and the regional sessions will focus on Northeast Asia and the Gulf regions.

The conference will provide an informal setting for in-depth discussion between leading experts and representatives from the political, military, academic and diplomatic communities as well as civil society. Gathering different communities at the same conference to look at joint responses to shared challenges will help identify different aspects of the problem and ways forward towards the solution. 

Please note that the Stockholm Security Conference 2020 will be convened online.

Participation at the Stockholm Security Conference 2020 is by invitation only.



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