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Past News and Events

SIPRI launches film on climate change, peace and security

This is the first film in the ‘SIPRI Reflection’ series, which follows on from the successful 50th anniversary celebration series, ‘2016–A Year of Reflection’, with the aim to provide insightful and thoughtful analysis to guide viewers through some of the major themes of SIPRI’s wide-ranging work in peace and security.

SIPRI study examines the challenges associated with implementing effective Internal Compliance Programmes

SIPRI publishes Concept Paper and set of Good Practice Guides examining the challenges facing the establishment and implementation of an effective Internal Compliance Programme (ICP) by companies and research institutes subject to dual-use and arms export controls.

Nuclear forensics as nuclear material analysis for security purposes

New publication from the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium on the potential benefits of expanding the scope of nuclear forensics as a discipline and the European contribution to this.

SIPRI wins grant for innovative research on nuclear security in the Black Sea region

Following a competitive process, SIPRI is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York and MacArthur Foundation to support new approaches for nuclear security.

SIPRI advises European Union on the implementation of its arms export control system

Dr Sibylle Bauer, Director of SIPRI’s Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme, was the main speaker at a European Parliament workshop for the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE).