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Past News and Events

Nuclear multilateralism and Iran: What lessons can be drawn for EU policymakers?

To launch her new book, SIPRI Distinguished Associate Fellow Dr Tarja Cronberg will participate in an event about nuclear multilateralism and Iran.

Is three-dimensional (3D) printing a nuclear proliferation tool?

New publication from the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium on the technical limitations of 3D printing technology.

SIPRI and CONASCIPAL set up a Committee to establish first Civil Society White Book for Peace and Security in Mali

SIPRI and CONASCIPAL set up the Civil Society White Book Committee in Mali which will present policy options and concrete recommendations for long-standing stability in the country.

The Global Arms Trade: Assessing Trends and Future Outlook

SIPRI to co-host an event in Washington, DC, on February 28 based on the recent SIPRI data launch on trends in international arms transfers.

The CTBT: How will we prevent a new era of nuclear testing?

This event discusses how the international community can prevent further nuclear testing in future.