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Past News and Events

Reassessing CBRN threats and their implications for East Asia

This workshop convened Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, European and US experts from technical, legal and academic communities to re-evaluate the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and hazardous materials in a changing global environment and, in particular, the implications for East Asia.

SIPRI informs on Black Sea security

SIPRI has expanded its research on security issues in the Black Sea region by launching a new series of publications. Each publication analyses a different issue or provides context to a current security dilemma in the region.

The landscape of arms control: Perspectives from Russia—new film series from SIPRI

SIPRI has produced a new series of films that provide Russian perspectives on the landscape of arms control. The interviewees give their assessments of the current obstacles facing the arms control agenda and ways to overcome them. The interviews were recorded in Moscow in October 2018 during a conference co-hosted by SIPRI and IMEMO.

SIPRI co-hosts panel debate on the relationship between hunger and conflict

On 17 December, SIPRI, in cooperation with the United Nations World Food Programme, the United Nations Association of Sweden and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, hosted a panel debate on the theme ‘Faces of hunger and conflict’, followed by a photo exhibition.

SIPRI co-organizes strategic roundtable with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Denis Mukwege

On 13 December, SIPRI, together with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Karolinska Institutet, organized a strategic roundtable in honour of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Denis Mukwege.