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Past News and Events

The Colombian peace process: Top-down peace agreement and bottom-up territorial peacebuilding

The recent Colombian peace agreement was rejected by the Colombian electorate. The referendum results reveal a sharp division between areas strongly affected by the armed conflict and areas less so.

SIPRI launches extended military expenditure data covering 1949–2015

SIPRI is proud to announce the online release of its extended military expenditure data, with data going back as far as 1949 for some countries.

SIPRI and CAAT release new report examining UK Government support for the arms industry and trade

A new report by SIPRI for the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) highlights the 'huge overall level of government support, protection and direct and indirect subsidy that the arms industry as a whole receives.'

SIPRI Researcher provides Afghanistan expertise to the European Parliament

SIPRI Researcher Richard Ghiasy presented his research on Afghanistan at the European Parliament.

Seminar: Impact Evaluations in Fragile States

This event will feature discussions and knowledge-sharing on impact evaluation practices, research methodologies and experiences in policy influence in fragile states.