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Past News and Events

SIPRI signs cooperation agreement with Hiroshima Prefecture

On 5 May, SIPRI received a delegation from Hiroshima Prefectural Government, led by Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki.

New programme on geopolitical dynamics and global environmental change

Last week SIPRI and its partners launched Mistra Geopolitics, a large-scale, interdisciplinary programme examining the impact of climate and environmental change on today’s geopolitical landscape.

SIPRI publishes 2011–2015 Chinese–language Yearbooks online [SIPRI发布2011–2015中文年鉴电子版]

SIPRI makes available online access to the Chinese translation of the SIPRI Yearbooks from 2011-2015.

Call for papers and session proposals: Life in Kyrgyzstan conference

SIPRI is pleased to announce the third annual Life in Kyrgyzstan Conference to take place in Bishkek on 12–13 October 2017.

GICHD and SIPRI release global report of anti-vehicle mine incidents in 2016

GICHD and SIPRI release a new global report of anti-vehicle mine incidents in 2016.