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Past News and Events

Russian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2015 presented in Moscow

The Russian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2015 was presented in Moscow on 29 September 2016, continuing a long-standing project between SIPRI and the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) in Russia.

SIPRI co-hosts workshop on Russian interests in China's Silk Road initiative

SIPRI co-hosted a workshop on the compatibility of the Silk Road Economic Belt with Russian national security interests.

The Central Asian–European relationship at a crossroads?

Central Asia has begun to shift its 'multipolar’ foreign and security policies. How can the EU best build its relationship with the states and societies of Central Asia as the region transforms?

The EU and the Caucasus: New perspectives on an evolving relationship

SIPRI will host a meeting in Brussels at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU to explore the shifting social, political and security relations in the Casucasus, and the challenges that these changes present for the EU.

SIPRI releases map of multilateral peace operations in 2016

SIPRI releases of a new map showing all multilateral peace operations active as of September 2016.