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Past News and Events

The European Union and weapons of mass destruction: A follow-on to the global strategy?

New publication from the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium on why the EU needs to undertake a new and dedicated effort to deal with WMD-related problems

SIPRI signs cooperation agreement with Hiroshima Prefecture

On 5 May, SIPRI received a delegation from Hiroshima Prefectural Government, led by Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki.

New programme on geopolitical dynamics and global environmental change

Last week SIPRI and its partners launched Mistra Geopolitics, a large-scale, interdisciplinary programme examining the impact of climate and environmental change on today’s geopolitical landscape.

SIPRI publishes 2011–2015 Chinese–language Yearbooks online [SIPRI发布2011–2015中文年鉴电子版]

SIPRI makes available online access to the Chinese translation of the SIPRI Yearbooks from 2011-2015.

Call for papers and session proposals: Life in Kyrgyzstan conference

SIPRI is pleased to announce the third annual Life in Kyrgyzstan Conference to take place in Bishkek on 12–13 October 2017.