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Past News and Events

50 years of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: 
A cause for optimism?

This seminar will explore questions about the past and future of the NPT. Why was it decided to extend the treaty indefinitely in 1995? What commitments made that extension possible? Have they been upheld?

SIPRI and CONASCIPAL cooperate on peacebuilding in Mali with strong involvement of civil society

More than a year after the peace agreement in Mali, SIPRI is pleased to announce the continuation of its onsite work in Mali in partnership with the Bamako-based organization CONASCIPAL (National Coalition of Civil Society for Peace and the Fight against the Proliferation of Small Arms).

The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling on the South China Sea: Implications for Indonesia and beyond

HE Hassan Wirajuda, former Foreign Minister of Indonesia, will discuss the impact of The Hague’s ruling on the South China Sea and explore its wider implications for South East Asia.

Resurgent nationalism and populism: How will Japan and Europe chart a way forward?

With the growth of nationalism and populism, are there areas in which Europe and Japan can benefit from expanded collaboration?

Challenges and prospects for economic development in the DPRK

In the wake of North Korea's fourth and fifth nuclear tests in 2016 and follow-on resolutions from the United Nations, SIPRI will co-host the workshop 'Challenges and Prospects for Economic Development in the DPRK' on 20 September.