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Past News and Events

SIPRI hosts Japan–Europe–USA cybersecurity workshop

This event hosted 12 leading academic, official, technical and legal cyber security experts from Estonia, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as an audience of over 30 ambassadors, defence attachés, senior scientists, and industry experts to discuss definitions and threats to critical infrastructure, case studies of cyber intrusions and attacks, as well as concrete ways forward on national, regional and international cooperation.

SIPRI hosts Iceland’s Foreign Minister

As part of his official visit to Sweden, SIPRI hosted His Excellency, Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland, for an expert roundtable discussion.

SIPRI highlights of 2017

Over the past 12 months, SIPRI remained committed to providing reliable data and independent analysis to engage researchers, policymakers, the media and the public on the path to sustainable peace. The following is a few of SIPRI’s highlights of 2017.

Japan–Europe–USA: Integrating cybersecurity and norms into critical infrastructure

This workshop will host Japanese, European and US experts from technical, industry, legal and academic communities to explore cyber definitions, cases of cyber intrusion and attack, as well as response and cooperation at the national, regional and international level.

New SIPRI film: Article 36 reviews – dealing with the challenges posed by emerging technologies

SIPRI is pleased to launch a new film that examines the challenges posed by emerging technologies to the legal review process imposed by Additional Protocol I of the 1949 Geneva Convention.