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Past News and Events

Watch the Opening Session of the Stockholm Security Conference on Secure Cities

Watch the Introductory remarks and the Opening session at the Stockholm Security Conference on Secure Cities, live from Artipelag in Stockholm.

SIPRI co-organizes event on Arms Trade Treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean

SIPRI, UNLIREC and the government of Sweden co-hosted a side-event, ‘Arms transfer and SALW controls in Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent developments and lessons learned’ at the Second Conference of State Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty in August.

Workshop: Autonomous technologies and their societal impact

SIPRI will host a workshop on autonomous technologies and their societal impact, covering technological, environmental, cultural, structural, political and socio-economic factors.

Understanding the Yongbyon Nuclear Complex and its role in nuclear testing in the DPRK

Dr. Yongsoo Hwang will discuss North Korea's key nuclear installations and their role in nuclear testing.

New data shows most anti-vehicle mine incidents occur in current conflicts

SIPRI and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) recorded 106 incidents related or suspected to be related to anti-vehicle mines (AVMs) during JanuaryJune 2016.