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Robotic arm

Abstract submissions are now open for presentations at the Autonomous Technologies and their Societal Impact workshop.

Farmers in Bamyan province in Afghanistan instal solar panels, 2013. Photo: Asian Developmnet Bank

Richard Ghiasy, researcher in SIPRI's Armed Conflict and Conflict Management Programme, contributed to a series of 'track 2' dialogues between the USA and China on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Map of participants in the 2016 Security Jam

The report from the 2016 Security Jam, where SIPRI hosted a session on future strategies in policing, is released today.

Group photo at KazISS

SIPRI researchers Dr Lora Saalman, Richard Ghiasy and Jiayi Zhou participated in two events on China and Central Asia held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Russian woman in Saint Petersburg holds a sign apologising for the Crimean annexation, March 2016. Photo: Akimov Igor / Shutterstock

With the conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, what drives Russia’s foreign and security policies today?