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Past News and Events

Flags in the DPRK. Photo: Flickr/(stephan)

In the wake of North Korea's fourth and fifth nuclear tests in 2016 and follow-on resolutions from the United Nations, SIPRI will co-host the workshop 'Challenges and Prospects for Economic Development in the DPRK' on 20 September.

Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan

SIPRI researchers Richard Ghiasy and Jiayi Zhou co-hosted the third of a series of five workshops for the Silk Road Economic Belt—Seeking Common Security Interests between the EU and China project.

Stockholm Security Conference on Secure Cities

SIPRI will co-host the first Stockholm Security Conference, with the theme Secure Cities.


Watch the Introductory remarks and the Opening session at the Stockholm Security Conference on Secure Cities, live from Artipelag in Stockholm.

Panel at the side-event on implementing the Arms Trade Treaty

SIPRI, UNLIREC and the government of Sweden co-hosted a side-event, ‘Arms transfer and SALW controls in Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent developments and lessons learned’ at the Second Conference of State Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty in August.