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Past News and Events

Russia–China rapprochement and its impact on Asia and Europe

This workshop will look at the evolving dimensions of Russia–China relations through Russia’s 'pivot to Asia' strategy and China’s 'peripheral diplomacy' approach.

Climate change implications for security—what options for policy?

Given the profound impact of climate change, it is increasingly being viewed as a source of security risks. What are these risks exactly and how can policy address them?

The conflict horizon: Today and beyond

In the midst of the upheaval that events in 2016 have brought, looking ahead, what are the big issues that generate sources of insecurity? Is there a new cold war? What are the particular regions of insecurity?

SIPRI participates in 'Caribbean Encounter on Forensic Ballistics' event

SIPRI Research Assistant Alfredo Malaret participated in the event 'Caribbean Encounter on Forensic Ballistics' held in Trinidad and Tobago on 5–6 December.

Afghanistan: The road to peace

A discussion on the state of the domestic and foreign dynamics shaping Afghanistan’s prospects for achieving peace and stability.