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2017 Stockholm Security Conference

2017 Stockholm Security Conference

On 13–15 September 2017, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will host the second Stockholm Security Conference, this year under the heading of ‘Secure Cities in an Insecure World’. The venue will be Artipelag – a stunning exhibition centre close to downtown Stockholm.

As with last year’s conference, cities and urbanization are at the centre of attention but this year´s conference puts added emphasis on the surrounding insecure world. How do current global trends and strains – climate change, migration, war and terrorism, crime, technological innovation – affect people in cities? How can, should and do different cities respond? What are the lessons of experience? What are the problems we have not yet faced or the solutions not yet enacted?

The conference will be held under the auspices of His Excellency the Speaker of the Swedish Riksdag, Mr Urban Ahlin in the presence of His Majesty the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria.

The conference will gather leading representatives from the political, academic, and business worlds, as well as civil society in a joint endeavour to explore the multiple dimensions of security in cities in the global context. It will explore how cities build resilience, ensure security, and achieve social inclusivity in these challenging times. It will look at how the different pressures and responses interact. It will look at what cities can do alone and where they need national and international support to achieve particular goals. It will explore what is in common and what is unique in both pressures and responses in a selection of different cities whose representatives will participate.

2017 Stockholm Security Conference photos

Photos from the 2017 Stockholm Security Conference on Secure Cities


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