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Dr Dylan O’Driscoll


Dr Dylan O’Driscoll

Dr Dylan O’Driscoll

Dylan O’Driscoll is a Researcher in the Governance and Society Programme at SIPRI. His work focuses on broadly defined inclusion and his main research area is ethnosectarian conflict in the Middle East, particularly Iraq where he has spent two years conducting fieldwork. Using an intersectional lens, Dylan’s research aims to understand the link between inclusion and both bottom-up and top-down peacebuilding, as well as exclusion as a driver of conflict.

Dylan is also currently a Conflict Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Council, New York and Associate Research Fellow at the LSE Middle East Centre. He previously worked as a Research Associate at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) at the University of Manchester, as well as a Research Fellow at the Middle East Research Institute, Iraq, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Polish Institute for International Affairs.

Subject expertise

Conflict, peacebuilding, power sharing, nationalism, marginalisation, inclusion

Regional expertise

Middle East, Northern Ireland, South Africa

English, Afrikaans, Kurdish

PhD in Ethnopolitics, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

External publications