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Dr Elise Remling

Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Elise Remling

Elise Remling

Dr Elise Remling is an Associate Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme. Her work focuses on how climate and environmental change impact on human security, and on how international organizations are thinking about and responding to climate-related security risks. Elise has a background in both academic and policy-oriented research in the field of climate change and sustainable development with expertise on the social implications of climate change. Her research has centred particularly on the process of adaptation to climate change at different levels of governance.

Elise received her PhD in Environmental Sciences from Södertörn University, Sweden, in 2019. In her dissertation she looked at how climate adaptation is conceptualized and defined in policy and practice, and with what political effects. Her work has been published in high impact academic journals, including in Climate Policy, Environmental Politics, Climate and Development and Regional Environmental Change. Elise is a research fellow with the Earth System Governance Project.

Regional expertise

Global; European Union; Germany; Small Island States, specifically Fiji; Kenya

German, English, Spanish

PhD in Environmental Sciences, Södertörn University, Sweden

MSc in Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany

BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Geography, University of Münster, Germany

External publications