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More trouble on the high seas: the real story behind Captain Phillips

Anja Shortland

Are Somali pirates 'victims' of their circumstances?

Is an arms race just a race to the bottom?

Partha Gangopadhyay

The arms race to the bottom—when states willingly arm themselves even when evidence suggests they should disarm—has begun to shape states' military spending.

New tensions unleashed by Colombia’s peace process

Ana María Ibáñez Londoño

Peace talks between the Colombian Government and Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), the oldest guerilla group in the country, have sparked so-called 'peasant movements' across Colombia.

Studying Somalia’s war economy from outer space

Anja Shortland

Looking at light output in satellite images of Somalia tells the story of the country's economic collapse, the migration of middle classes and fluctuating refugee camps.

The disturbing rationality of violence against civilians

Charles H. Anderton

What can the attack at Deerfield, Massachusetts against English civilians in 1704 teach us about 'rational choice' in conflicts?

200 years of landlessness? Land inequality and the search for peace in Colombia

Thomas Edward Flores

Land inequality has long been at the heart of rural conflict in Colombia and it is unclear if the recent agreement on the 'radical transformation of rural Colombia' between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) will improve the situation.

Conflict and firm dynamics: some issues and some wishes

Michele Di Maio

Despite growing work on the ecoomics of conflict, the impact on firms is still unknown, even whether conflict favours or hinders firms.

How to ‘do’ economic development in conflict-affected contexts (hint: it’s about politics)

Dr Patricia Justino

Once a conflict is over and humanitarian aid leaves, how are people fed, livelihoods secure and market access improved?

Sunlight disinfects—but beware of the shade

Leopoldo Fergusson and Juan Fernando Vargas

Free media is no guarantee of political accountability and, without a sufficiently strong institutional environment, can even lead to unintended negative consequecnces.

More pain but not gain: productive and unproductive sanctions

Michael Brzoska

The recent additional sanctions against North Korea and Iran are unlikley to change these regimes' policies and could hav enegative effects if they hurt citizens rather than the powerful elite.