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Zoë Gorman

Research Assistant

Zoë Gorman

Zoë Gorman

Zoë Gorman was a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project. The project aims to contribute to sustainable peace in Mali and will support civil society involvement in the design and implementation of security policies.

Before joining SIPRI in 2017, Zoë served as Senior Writer for the Center for Media and Peace Initiatives in New York where she covered African security issues and the United Nations. She has worked extensively on London-based projects countering violent extremism in Europe, served as a communication coordinator at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, and conducted monitoring and evaluations studies of security and development in Africa. Zoë also managed a successful political campaign in Alaska and interned at the United States Senate.

Zoë’s research aspirations include developing new methods for quantitative analysis of peace and security issues for policymaking.

Subject expertise

Conflict resolution, counter extremism

Regional expertise

West Africa, Europe

English, French, Italian
BA Political Science and BS Physics, Yale University
United States
External publications