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Focal points and fuzzy borders

by Jurgen Brauer

We don't need to create or maintain borders against all reason; keeping borders 'fuzzy' can help make and keep peace.

Combating Blackbeard: how to reduce maritime piracy in Somalia

by Olaf de Groot

Piracy is a response to the incentives provided to pirates and ridding piracy will require creating incentives to disengage from piracy activities.

Can UN troops influence economic development? The case of South Sudan

by Raul Caruso, by Roberto Ricciuti

The deployment of UN peacekeepers in South Sudan is associated with higher cereal production between 2008–11,

Microbial resistance

by Min Hyun Maeng

The threat of antibotics-resistant ’superbugs’ is growing, but antibiotic development in the drug industry is not keeping up.

AIDS and Migration

by Min Hyun Maeng

There have been great advances in curative and preventive interventions for people living with HIV/AIDS, but discrimination and stigmatization are still a problem, particularly for refugees and internally displaced persons.

World Diabetes Day – Diabetes in conflict areas

by Min Hyun Maeng

Non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, increasingly contribute to morbidity and mortality in conflict settings, and the burden of those diseases has become prominent especially in middle-income settings.

Climate change, food security and conflict

by Min Hyun Maeng

Although climate change is defined using environmental terms, it should be understood in a comprehensive framework taking into account conflict, food security and health. The official definition, according to the United

Transnational Organized Crime and Public Health in West Africa

by Kyle Benjamin Schneps

In July 2012 the New York Times reported that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is expanding its war on drugs to various countries in the regions of East

In Afghan fields

by Kyle Benjamin Schneps

June 2012 marks what many have called a milestone in the ongoing war on narco-terrorism: the sentencing of Haji Bagcho, the biggest opium and heroin dealer in Central Asia.

A health expert at the World Bank, a new horizon for Global Health?

by Zack Allal

Dr Jim Yong Kim was officially announced as the new president for the World Bank in April. Dr Kim has an extensive background within the global health sphere, which could make a great