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José Francisco Alvarado Cóbar

Research Assistant

José Francisco Alvarado Cóbar

Jose Alvarado

José Alvarado was a Research Assistant in the SIPRI Peace and Development Programme, conducting research on gender and conflict, as well as supporting the preparation and delivery of the 2018 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development.

Prior to joining SIPRI, José completed his graduate thesis focusing on the fragmentation of women’s movements during peace processes given that previous research had not fully addressed the causal processes embedded in participation of women’s groups in peace processes, and the potential outcomes achieved by their participation. He has also worked for a variety of organisations doing research and other programmatic work on human trafficking and gang violence in the USA, mining conflicts in Guatemala, and M&E of education and health projects in Jordan.

Subject expertise

Gender and conflict, mediation, peace processes

Regional expertise

The Americas and the Middle East

Spanish, English

Master of Social Science in Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden