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Dr Amiera Sawas


Dr Amiera Sawas

Dr Amiera Sawas

Dr Amiera Sawas was a Researcher in the Climate Change and Risk Programme. She has been conducting research in the private, non-governmental and academic sectors over the past 10 years. Amiera has a PhD in water governance and is interested in the intersecting issues of climate change, access to infrastructure, gender and security. She is experienced in developing and promoting multi-disciplinary research.

Amiera previously worked at Imperial College London where she led a new, policy-relevant work stream on climate change and security, conducting research on the linkages between climate change adaptation and security in Pakistan. Before that, Amiera was part of the Safe and Inclusive Cities research programme funded by the International Development Research Center (Canada). Over 2.5 years she conducted research on gender and violence in urban Pakistan. As her work progressed, the linkages between gender, changing access to environmental resources and violence became increasingly evident. Therefore she became concerned with how climate change and, importantly, responses to climate change would impact security. Amiera has been a consultant to key development, multi-lateral organizations and private sector including the United Nations.

Subject expertise

Climate change; security; gender; natural resources management; human security; basic services governance; environmental security, participatory methods

Regional expertise

South Asia; Pakistan; Middle East; Southern Africa

English, French, Urdu

PhD in Human Geography, King’s College London, UK; MSc in Global Politics, London School of Economics, UK; BSc in Psychology, University of Manchester, UK

United Kingdom
External publications
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