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Action on Climate and Security Risks

Action on Climate and Security Risks
Publisher: Clingendael, adelphi, SIPRI and Center for Climate and Security
December, 2017

This report looks at progress made on policy and practical responses to climate-security risks for 2016-2017. Using the independent G7 commissioned report A New Climate for Peace as a basis, and building on last year’s report, Towards A Global Resilience Agenda, this year’s report sets out the key achievements, pitfalls and new challenges facing the foreign policy community working to reduce climate-fragility risks.


Janani Vivekananda is Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding and Climate Change at adelphi.
Shiloh Fetzek is Senior Fellow for International Affairs at the Center for Climate and Security.
Dr Malin Mobjörk was a Senior Researcher and Director of SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme from 2016 to 2021.
Dr Amiera Sawas was a Researcher in the Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Susanne Wolfmaier is a Research Analyst at adelphi specialising on climate change, peace and security.