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SIPRI expertise feeds into review of European Union export control policy for dual-use goods

The European Union is reviewing its export control policy for dual-use goods and technologies. It aims to adjust existing policies to meet changes in security environments, trading patterns and technology through a broad range of legal and practical measures. Although concrete proposals will not be presented before early 2016, they could potentially include:

SIPRI study examines the challenges associated with implementing effective Internal Compliance Programmes

SIPRI publishes Concept Paper and set of Good Practice Guides examining the challenges facing the establishment and implementation of an effective Internal Compliance Programme (ICP) by companies and research institutes subject to dual-use and arms export controls.

New SIPRI papers on the proliferation challenges associated with transfers of software and technology and 3D printing

SIPRI is pleased to announce the publication of two new papers, entitled ‘The challenge of software and technology transfers to non-proliferation efforts: Implementing and complying with export controls’ and ‘The challenge of emerging technologies to non-proliferation efforts: Controlling additive manufacturing and intangible transfers of technology’.

3D Printing Missiles on Demand? Additive Manufacturing as a Challenge to the Missile Technology Control Regime


This webinar brings together a distinguished panel of technical and policy experts to discuss the challenges additive manufacturing (AM) poses to export controls, and how they can be addressed through national and multilateral export control instruments such as the MTCR.