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Expert Working Group on Climate-related Security Risks

Expert Working Group on Climate-related Security Risks
Photo: Flickr/ ILRI

Climate-related security risks have far-reaching implications for the way the world manages peace and security. SIPRI is committed to improving approaches to managing climate-related security risks and to this end we host the Expert Working Group on Climate-related Security Risks.

The expert working group seeks to highlight the gap in climate risk informed decision-making and strives to produce timely climate security assessments. The aim of the expert working group is to:

  • Produce unbranded high-quality and policy-relevant assessments of climate-related security risks for geographies under discussion in peace and security institutions
  • Strengthen decision-making and programming on climate-related security risks in the United Nations (UN) system
  • Support the creation of an institutional home in the UN system to develop climate-related risk assessments and risk management strategies

In 2018, the expert working group – together with external researchers and the working group secretariat – will produce research on four geographies: Iraq, Lake Chad, Somalia and a further geography in Central Asia. The reports will build on research and insights from the field to provide integrated assessments of climate-related change and security—as well as other social, political and economic aspects.

To access published reports, find links below.

Lake Chad Region – Climate-related security risk assessment

Iraq – Climate-related security risk assessment

Somalia – Climate-related security risk assessment

Central Asia – Climate-related security risk assessment

The expert working group was initiated during Sweden’s membership of the UN Security Council (2017-18).

The working group secretariat currently consists of five members: Camilla Born (Director), Karolina Eklöw (Research Assistant), Nick Mabey (Senior Advisor), Malin Mobjörk (Senior Advisor), Dan Smith (Senior Advisor).

Research staff

Dan Smith is the Director of SIPRI.