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Regional trends

Regional trends
Middle East space view. Photo: Shutterstock

This initiative aims to understand factors that are conducive to political unrest and how they may evolve and affect developments in the coming decade. In particular, it focuses on whether a new wave of upheaval, uprisings and conflict can be expected. Through country level and regional analyses this initiative examines how events and developments over the last decade have transformed regional and international relationships and how these transformations affect political unrest. The objective is to better understand to what extent developments and challenges in terms of governance, climate, economy and security have a regional footprint and necessitate cooperation at a regional level and with neighbouring regions—for example between North Africa and the Sahel. The analyses aim to identify entry points for policymakers, whilst also highlighting opportunities for regional cooperation and dialogue.

Research staff

Dr Dylan O’Driscoll is a Senior Researcher and Director of SIPRI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Programme.
Shivan Fazil is a Researcher with the Middle East and North Africa Programme at SIPRI.
Amal Bourhrous is a Researcher with SIPRI’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.
Meray Maddah is a Research Assistant in SIPRI’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.