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Social cohesion through community-based development

Mountains ear Kyzyl-Oi, Kyrgyzstan
Mountains near Kyzyl-Oi, Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Damir Esenaliev

Community-driven development (CDD) is a valuable platform for promoting social cohesion and building social capital in fragile or post-conflict environments. There is, however, a lack of evidence on the relationship between social cohesion and CDD programs. This project aims to identify and test innovative approaches to enhance social cohesion in select communities in Kyrgyzstan by engaging and mobilizing the local population to implement micro-projects to address local development needs. These activities will be complemented by rigorous research, analysis, and monitoring throughout the life of the project.   

The research component of the project is conducted by SIPRI and the University of Central Asia (UCA). The intervention component will be implemented by the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP). The project is funded by the World Bank and the Aga Khan Foundation for 20142017.

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