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Case study: Liberia

Organization: Search for Common Ground (SFCG), Liberia

Title: Police reform and internal security in Liberia

Reforming, transforming and re-professionalizing key security agencies, including the police and military, is crucial to meeting post-war security needs in Liberia. This study looks at the police reform component of security sector reform in post-conflict Liberia. It examines the nature, scope and adequacy of the reforms, especially in meeting Liberia’s internal security needs. The research assesses the type, level and relevance of training; the extent to which the reform reflects Liberia’s priorities and ownership; and the capacity of the reform to cater for the security needs of different social groups, especially women.

The researchers use a combination of desk research and field research—including semi-structured interviews with police officers, lawmakers and officials of government ministries (Defence, National Security and interior); the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL); and leaders of civil society groups and community activists—and focus group discussions involving randomly selected local Liberians reflecting gender and inter-generational participation.