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View over Mali landscape

Mali is struggling to build peace and achieve security after an armed rebellion broke out in Northern Mali in January 2012. The crisis started as a Tuareg rebellion against the Malian government, the fourth in a series of rebellions starting in 1963. The 2012 rebellion developed into a violent extremist insurgency as a number of violent extremist groups joined in and took over several cities and territory in northern Mali.

A peace agreement was reached after international mediation, led by Algeria and with the participation of international organizations including the African Union and the United Nations, and by neighbouring countries. By June 2015, all parties had signed the agreement, marking the beginning of a comprehensive implementation process.

However, several challenges remain to building a peaceful society in Mali. As well as the core conflict between the Tuareg movement and the government of Mali, several other issues will need to be addressed, including a number of inter- and intra-community conflicts, violent extremism and transnational organized crime. Achievement of a lasting peace will require commitment and contributions from actors at all levels of Malian society.


Hombori Mountains in the Mopti region of central Mali

SIPRI supports civil society contributions to peace, security and development in Mali.

People taking a boat across a river in Djenne, Mali

SIPRI aims to strengthen civil society’s contributions to addressing the safety and security challenges of the population in Mali.

Research staff

Dr Grégory Chauzal is a Senior Researcher and Head of the Mali Project at SIPRI.
Aurélien Tobie is a Senior Researcher and Activity Coordinator for the SIPRI Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project.
Dr Elisabeth Sköns is an Associate Senior Fellow at SIPRI and the former Head of the Mali civil society and peacebuilding project.
Professor Sten Hagberg is an Associate Senior Fellow at SIPRI.
Helen Palmgren is the Programme Coordinator for the Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project.
Zoë Gorman is a Research Assistant in the SIPRI Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project.