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New SIPRI papers on the proliferation challenges associated with transfers of software and technology and 3D printing

SIPRI is pleased to announce the publication of two new papers, entitled ‘The challenge of software and technology transfers to non-proliferation efforts: Implementing and complying with export controls’ and ‘The challenge of emerging technologies to non-proliferation efforts: Controlling additive manufacturing and intangible transfers of technology’.

New mapping tool for successful Arms Trade Treaty implementation

National implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) require States Parties to strengthen their arms transfer control systems and implement measures for addressing the diversion of conventional arms. Today SIPRI is pleased to present a web-based tool for mapping activities aimed at building state capacity in these areas. 

These ATT-relevant cooperation and assistance activities are carried out by states, international and regional organizations and NGOs. However, difficulties in coordinating these activities can lead to gaps in coverage or duplication of efforts.

New SIPRI project on mapping ATT-relevant cooperation and assistance activities in sub-Saharan Africa

SIPRI has received funding from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to produce a database that will map Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)-relevant cooperation and assistance activities in sub-Saharan Africa. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the UN Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament (UNREC) .