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Japan’s security and defence policy: the more things change . . .

For a country that has officially renounced armed force as a means of settling international disputes, Japan’s defence and security policy agenda is looking full.

China’s expanding peacekeeping role

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has increased its participation in a broadening array of multilateral security arrangements in recent years.

Punishing acts of WMD proliferation: more easily said than done

Controlling the export of items that have military applications is a key tool in preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Coming tests for transatlantic security relations

A renewed atmosphere of friendship and willingness to cooperate is apparent in relations between Europe and the United States. US Vice-President Joe Biden, in his speech at the 2009 Munich Security Conference, set out the USA’s position: ‘We will engage. We will listen. We will consult.

Playing both sides: how air transport firms profit by shipping arms and aid

Incredible as it may seem, traffickers in commodities that help fuel some of the world’s nastiest conflicts—transporting such things as arms, ‘blood diamonds’ and cocaine—also continue to profit from humanitarian aid and UN peacekeeping contracts.