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International responses to ISIS (and why they are failing)

Combatting ISIS needs to be part of broader and longer-term efforts to restore security, tackle political injustices, increase economic output and promote effective governance.

Cities and security

Terrorist attacks in Ankara, Beirut and Paris have triggered tremendous shock and sorrow, but also anxiety and insecurity in other cities in Europe and beyond.

Neglect of the Afghan private sector could further destabilize the country

The Afghan Government is largely preoccupied with the country's security situation. However, it cannot afford to neglect the economy, of which the private sector is a fundamental part.

Refugees: links in the chain of disaster and response

Refugees’ humanitarian needs have generated toxic politics in the EU, with yesterday’s uncertain summit the most recent evidence of that, and a response that is widely deemed inadequate. But the critics have not been able to offer a better alternative.

Mali Peace Accord: Actors, issues and their representation

After a long process of dialogue and negotiation, a new peace accord has finally been concluded between the Malian Government and two coalitions of armed groups: the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA) and the Platform of armed groups (the Platform).

Tensions in the South China Sea: the nuclear dimension

In the sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea, there is an often overlooked strategic interest pursued by China: the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) quest for a credible undersea nuclear deterrent.

The 2015 NPT Review Conference: setting the record straight

The lack of agreement at the 2015 Review Conference of the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weaponsis a big setback for nuclear disarmament.

From ‘Statebuilding’ to ‘Stakebuilding’

If peacebuilding is a process for promoting inclusivity, is stakebuilding a process for creating joint ownership?

Small arms control in Europe: time for an integrated strategy

Although small arms control has been an issue on the humanitarian arms control agenda for a long time, small arms manufacturers and civilian consumers have enjoyed a relatively liberal market in large parts of the world.

Russia and the Arctic: an end to cooperation?

The recent increase in Russia’s military activities in the Arctic have raised concerns over whether the Arctic can continue to be a ‘zone of peace and cooperation’ in the foreseeable future.