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Nuclear power and the European Energy Security Strategy

Momentum is building for a new, common approach to energy within the European Union (EU) that balances the need for competitive pricing against security of supply and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Building peace in Mali: the case for ‘track III’ interventions

Achieving sustained peace in Mali depends on 'track III' interventions: initiatives carried out by civil society organizations and other non-state actors to support the emergence of a conducive environment for the settling of conflicts.

Lessons from the post-cold war transformation of East Central Europe’s arms industry

Arms production was the backbone of the Soviet-type command economy systems in East Central Europe (ECE), but with the collapse of the Eastern bloc, arms makers faced a drastic disruption in their economic, political and social environment.

Future challenges in the monitoring of international arms transfers

Western governments and defence companies are adapting to the effects of the 2008 economic crisis by devising new strategies to increase international arms sales.

Deciphering China’s latest defence budget figures

On 4 March the Chinese Government presented its 2014 budget to the National People's Congress (NPC), but it does not accurately represent the total amount spent by China on its military.

The role of safeguards in a nuclear weapon-free zone in the Middle East

Safeguards measures play a vital role in international efforts to monitor technologies related to reprocessing and enrichment of nuclear materials.

Balancing transparency and national security

When governments are less than transparent about their military budgets, this has serious ramifications for democracy and security.

China’s economic engagement with North Korea: towards greater conditionality?

China plays a central role in international efforts to curb the North Korean nuclear programme, but chooses a strategy of closer economic and political ties rather than of applying sanctions.

How much security can a dollar buy?

It is easy to measure how much food or fuel a dollar can buy, but how much security can a dollar buy?

The role of civil society in building peace in Mali

Civil society has an important role to play in restoring sustainable peace and security to Mali.