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Military Expenditure Transparency in Sub-Saharan Africa

Publisher: SIPRI
November, 2018

This report updates and expands on previous SIPRI studies on transparency in military expenditure. By assessing information published at the national and international level, the report provides academics, policymakers and civil society with an overview of the current state of information transparency in sub-Saharan Africa. A key outcome of this report is to help generate a broader debate on topics of openness and accountability in military spending. Critical areas of future research include off-budget military expenditure and understanding the drivers behind the changing levels of national reporting.


1. Introduction

2. Trends in military expenditure in sub-Saharan Africa, 1966–2017

3. Transparency in military expenditure at the international level

4. Transparency in military expenditure at the national level

5. State case studies

6. Conclusions


Dr Nan Tian is a Senior Researcher and Acting Programme Director with the Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme at SIPRI.
Pieter D. Wezeman is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme.
Youngju Yun was an Intern in the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme.