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SIPRI Military Expenditure Database

The SIPRI Military Expenditure Database contains consistent time series on the military spending of countries since 1988. It is available to download as a pdf or excel file at the bottom of this page.

Military expenditure in local currency at current prices is presented according to both the financial year of each country and according to calendar year, calculated on the assumption that, where financial years do not correspond to calendar years, spending is distributed evenly through the year. Figures in constant (2014) and current US$, as a share of GDP and per capita are presented according to calendar year. Figures as a share of government expenditure are presented according to financial year.

SIPRI military expenditure data is based on open sources only.


Excel files:

Data for all countries from 19882015 (excel spreadsheet)

Data for NATO members from 19492015 (excel spreadsheet)


Pdf files:

Data for all countries from 19882015 in constant USD (pdf)

Data for all countries from 19882015 in local currency (pdf)

Data for all countries from 19882015 as a share of GDP (pdf)

Data for world regions from 19882015 (pdf)

Footnotes (pdf)


Pre-1988 military expenditure data now available

SIPRI also has a ‘beta’ version of an extended military expenditure dataset, with data going back in some cases to 1949, and to at least 1957 for a majority of countries that were independent at the time.

The new extended dataset, along with additional methodological information, is available on request. Please send an email giving your name and affiliation (if any) to the Milex team.

As a beta version, the new extended dataset is a work in progress. SIPRI welcomes feedback including on apparent errors or inconsistencies in the data, or on new sources of data that might help us fill in some of the gaps in the data.


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