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Dr Caroline Delgado

Programme Director

Dr Caroline Delgado

Dr Caroline Delgado

Caroline Delgado is a Senior Researcher and Director of the Food, Peace and Security Programme at SIPRI. She joined SIPRI in 2019 where she works on issues related to sustainable peace and the triple nexus. Caroline is also one of the focal points for the Global Registry of Violent Deaths (GReVD). She has a background in both academic and policy-oriented research, specialising in how security is understood, practised and produced in conflict and post-conflict transition contexts.

She received her PhD in humanitarian and conflict response from the University of Manchester in 2018. Her dissertation looked at derivative dimensions of in/security understandings and practice in the context of the Colombian peace process. Other research interests include making use of geographic information systems (GIS) technologies as a way of inquiring into complex conflict dynamics.

Subject expertise

Conflict, human security, peacebuilding

Regional expertise

Latin America, especially Colombia

Swedish, English, Spanish

PhD Humanitarian and Conflict Response, University of Manchester, UK; MA International Humanitarian Action, Uppsala University, Sweden

External publications