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The World Food Programme’s Contribution to Improving the Prospects for Peace in El Salvador

Publisher: SIPRI
November, 2019

The study contains detailed findings from the field research in El Salvador and is part of a wider knowledge partnership between SIPRI and the WFP, which aims to better understand and strengthen WFP’s contribution to improving the prospects for peace. In the light of its complex context—where humanitarian, development and peace agendas intersect—El Salvador was selected along with three other countries (Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Mali) for pilot phase research.

This research involved a review of country office and programme documentation and the relevant literature. The core of the country case study research, however, involved qualitative assessment through in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and project site visits. Interviews were held with country office staff, project beneficiaries and other key stakeholders.

The synthesized findings of these four cases studies can be found in the preliminary report The World Food Programme’s Contribution to Improving the Prospects for Peace.


1. Introduction

2. Contextual analysis

3. WFP presence in El Salvador

4. WFP’s contribution to enhancing the prospects for peace in El Salvador

5. Challenges and opportunities

6. Measurement

7. Ways forward


Dr Caroline Delgado is a Senior Researcher and Director of the Food, Peace and Security Programme at SIPRI.