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Appendix 5A. Military expenditure data, 2000–2009


I. Introduction 

II. Regional trends and major spenders 

III. Tables of military expenditure

Box 5A.1. World trends in military expenditure

Box 5A.2. Trends in military spending in Africa

Box 5A.3. Trends in military spending in the Americas

Box 5A.4. Trends in military spending in Asia and Oceania

Box 5A.5. Trends in military spending in Europe

Box 5A.6. Trends in military spending in the Middle East

Table 5A.1. The 15 countries with the highest military expenditure in 2009

Table 5A.2. Military expenditure by region, by international organization and by income group, 2000–2009

Table 5A.3. Military expenditure by country, in local currency, 2000–2009

Table 5A.4. Military expenditure by country, in constant US dollars for 2000–2009 and current US dollars for 2009

Table 5A.5. Military expenditure by country as percentage of gross domestic product, 2000–2008


Appendix 5A contains tables of military expenditure by region, country and income group, in local currency and constant dollars, and as a share of GDP for the period 2000–2009. Read the full appendix [PDF]


Military expenditure, 2000–2009

Military expenditure, 2000–2009


To allow comparison over time, the figures in the bar chart are in US dollars at constant (2008) prices.


Military expenditure, by region, 2009


Region Spending
($ b.)
Africa 27.4
  North Africa 10.0
  Sub-Saharan Africa 17.4
Americas 738  
  Central America
    and the Caribbean
  North America 680  
  South America 51.8
Asia and Oceania 276  
  Central Asia . .  
  East Asia 210  
  Oceania 20.4
  South Asia 44.0
Europe 386  
  Eastern 60.0
  Western and Central 326  
Middle East 103  
World total 1531  


The spending figures are in current (2009) US dollars.

The 10 largest military spenders in 2009 accounted for 75 per cent of world military spending, with the USA alone accounting for 43 per cent. While the identities of the top spenders have not changed in recent years, their relative rankings have, with European countries falling down the ranking.


The top 10 military spenders, 2009

Rank Country Spending
($ b.)
share (%)
  1 USA 661     43
  2 China [100] [6.8]
  3 France 63.9  4.2
  4 UK 58.3  3.8
  5 Russia [53.3] [3.5]
  6 Japan 51.0  3.3
  7 Germany 45.6  3.0
  8 Saudi Arabia 41.3  2.7
  9 India 36.3  2.4
10 Italy 35.8     2.3
  World total 1531      


[ ] = SIPRI estimate. The spending figures are in current (2009) US dollars.


SIPRI military expenditure figures are based on information available in open sources, primarily supplied by governments. They represent a low estimate; the true level of military spending is certainly higher, due to omitted countries and items of spending. Nonetheless, SIPRI estimates capture the great majority of global military spending and accurately represent overall trends.


This data is obtained from the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database.

Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman, Noel Kelly and Carina Solmirano