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Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: A Summary of Policy Options

Cover Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: A Summary of Policy Options
Publisher: SIPRI
SIPRI, Stockholm:
December, 2021

Many achievements can be ascribed to the entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) seven years ago. At the same time, there remain areas in which the treaty can be improved or strengthened. A stocktaking exercise conducted by SIPRI has resulted in the elaboration of a series of policy options to further strengthen five aspects of the treaty: its scope, the application of its prohibitions and the risk-assessment criteria, its processes and forums, promotion of its universalization, and support for states’ implementation. Taken together, these proposed measures represent a menu of options for ATT stakeholders.



Implementation of prohibitions and the risk-assessment criteria

Processes and forums




Dr Andrea Edoardo Varisco is an Associate Senior Researcher at SIPRI.
Giovanna Maletta is a Senior Researcher and Acting Programme Director for the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme at SIPRI.
Lucile Robin was a Research Assistant in SIPRI’s Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme.