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Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: Application of the Risk-assessment Criteria

ATT First Six 2 Risk Beijer cover
Publisher: SIPRI
SIPRI, Stockholm:
August, 2021

A central element of the 2013 Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is the risk-assessment criteria in articles 6 and 7. The flexibility in the wording of the two articles has required efforts to reach common interpretations of the criteria in order to lessen the scope for different assessment outcomes. These efforts, as well as improved and aligned national practices, will enhance the treaty’s long-term impact. While there are limits to how far some states parties will want to go, there is a genuine preparedness to look at ways to increase the effectiveness of the ATT that should be encouraged and supported.

This is one of a series of five papers that are being produced as part of a wider project aimed at taking stock of specific aspects of the ATT—its scope, the application of the risk-assessment criteria, its processes and forums, universalization efforts, and international assistance to support ATT implementation.


I. Introduction

II. The significance of risk-assessment criteria and salient features

III. Efforts to clarify and strengthen application of articles 6 and 7

IV. Supporting further work on the implementation of articles 6 and 7

V. Conclusions    



Ambassador Paul Beijer was a Distinguished Associate Fellow with with SIPRI's Conflict and Peace and Armament and Disarmament research areas.