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Climate Security: Making it #Doable

Climate Security – Making it #Doable
Publisher: Clingendael and SIPRI
Clingendael and SIPRI, The Hague, Stockholm:
February, 2019

Climate-related events left no region unaffected in 2018. These events demonstrate how climate change impacts are worsening. Despite increased geopolitical tensions that seem to undermine the Agenda 2030 or the Paris Agreement, global and regional organisations have been able to achieve some progress in addressing and mitigating climate-related security risks. This report, prepared for the Planetary Security Conference taking place in The Hague on 19–20 February 2019, feeds into the conversation by sketching the past year’s trends in relation to climate and security.


Karolina Eklöw was the Coordinator of SIPRI’s Environment of Peace initiative.
Dr Florian Krampe is the Director of the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Dr Malin Mobjörk was a Senior Researcher and Director of SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme from 2016 to 2021.
Dan Smith is the Director of SIPRI.