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SIPRI contributes to 2016 Security Jam report

Map of participants in the 2016 Security Jam
Map of participants in the 2016 Security Jam. Image: '2016 Security Jam: Beyond conventional security challenges' report

The report from the 2016 Security Jam, where SIPRI hosted the session 'Policing in 2025: New strategies against organised crime', is released today.

The full report contains summaries of each session with conclusions from the moderators, results of polls conducted throughout the event and statistics about the nearly 2,500 participants at the 2016 Security Jam. It will be presented to Didier Reynders, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Brussels.

Poll result for 'in 2050, the greatest threat to humanity will be': 45% lack of crucial resources; 25% overpopulation; 14% violent extremism; 9% inter-state warfare; 7% civil wars
Result of a poll taken during the 2016 Security Jam.


The report and executive summary also contain 10 recommendations from participants for improving peace and security. The top 3 recommendations are:

  • Create a global early-warning mechanism for natural disasters and polical unrest
  • Improve big data analysis for early action
  • Develop an integrated concept of security and defence


The 2016 Security Jam was a 4-day online brainstorm in April where participants from governments, think-tanks, businesses and civil society organizations held online discussions on this year's theme 'Beyond conventional security challenges'. It was organized by the think-tank Friends of Europe. The full report is also available at the Security Jam website.