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SIPRI hosts session at 2016 Security Jam

2016 Security Jam

SIPRI will host the session 'Policing in 2025: New strategies against organised crime' at the 2016 Security Jam.

The session will look at the challenges that security forces expect to face by 2025, including responding to refugee crises and confronting violent extremists. It will also consider the cooperation required between internal security and defence forces, and the role of technology and the private sector.

The 2016 Security Jam is a global online brainstorm where thousands of participantsfrom governments, international organizations, NGOs, academia, businesses and the mediacome together for 77 hours of online discussions that will feed into both the EU and NATO. Organized by the think-tank Friends of Europe, this year's Jam has the theme 'Beyond conventional security challenges'. 

The 2016 Security Jam will run between 25–28 April 2016.