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SIPRI Update: January 2024
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New video series on promoting chemical security

SIPRI is pleased to launch a new video series that features interviews with chemical weapons experts. The interviews were conducted during an expert workshop at SIPRI in Stockholm in November 2023, which was part of a project on strengthening the norm against chemical weapon use and promoting the effective implementation of the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The event was convened to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders in the CWC regime, officials and experts from relevant fields of expertise.


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SIPRI Yearbook summaries available in Arabic and Japanese

Thanks to SIPRI’s translation partners, the summary of SIPRI Yearbook 2023 is now available in Arabic and Japanese. These translations can be downloaded alongside versions in 10 other languages. Additional languages will be added as they are published. Released in June 2023, the 54th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook is an authoritative and independent source of data and analysis on armaments, disarmament and international security.


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SIPRI brings peace into focus at the World Economic Forum

On 17 January, SIPRI was pleased to join The Swedish Lunch during the World Economic Forum in Davos. This year, SIPRI was invited to be the content partner for The Swedish Lunch, a staple event of the forum that hosted over 1600 invited guests. The aim of the event was to bring world leaders together, increase global connectivity and share inspiration during the World Economic Forum. 


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SIPRI and the EUNPDC deliver disarmament course and engaging events
SIPRI and the EUNPDC deliver disarmament course and engaging events

SIPRI collaborated with the European Union Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium (EUNPDC) on several disarmament events at the end of 2023. On 23 November, SIPRI, on behalf of the EUNPDC, organized an ad hoc seminar on ‘A New Era for EU Arms Export Controls? Perspectives for the Current Review of the Common Position’. On 28–30 November, SIPRI brought a group of 20 engineering students to Stockholm on behalf of the EUNPDC. On 4–5 December, SIPRI participated in the 12th edition of the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference in Brussels.


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Small modular reactors may have climate benefits, but they can also be climate-vulnerable

This SIPRI WritePeace blog discusses the emergence and growing popularity of small modular reactors (SMRs) as a new class of nuclear power plants, particularly in developing countries. SMRs are considered more cost-effective and versatile than traditional large-scale nuclear plants, with lower capital costs, shorter construction times and the ability to operate in remote areas with smaller electricity grids. However, the blog raises concerns about the vulnerability of SMRs to climate change impacts, suggesting the need for careful planning to address potential risks.

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Military spending and development aid after the invasion of Ukraine

This SIPRI WritePeace blog highlights the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on global spending, noting increased official development assistance (ODA) alongside rising military spending by Development Assistance Committee member countries in 2022. It emphasizes the challenge of maintaining ODA levels, advocating for a balanced approach that considers the interconnectedness of military security, development cooperation and domestic spending to address diverse security needs.

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External Commentaries
External outlets

SIPRI experts were recently featured in the following external outlets:


6–8 May 2024
2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development

The 2024 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development will be held on 6–8 May on the theme ‘On the Edge: Navigating a Changing World’.

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13–14 December 2023
SIPRI hosts workshop to help navigate current geopolitical shifts

SIPRI convened a workshop titled ‘Geopolitics Meets the Local: Diverse Perspectives and Intertwined Research Agendas’. The workshop was a response to the ongoing shift from the post-cold war international order, where uncertainties about the emerging global paradigm loom large. The workshop brought together a wide range of regional and thematic experts for an in-depth examination of the various ways in which geopolitical transition and turbulence interact with regional and local-level peace, conflict and security dynamics.

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7–8 December 2023
SIPRI event takes stock of Europe’s role in fostering peace and stability

SIPRI organized a brainstorming workshop entitled ‘Fostering Peace and Stability: Rethinking the European Model’. The SIPRI European Security Programme hosted the workshop that convened 14 experts from diverse regions across Europe. During the event, participants delved into discussions on the prevailing geopolitical landscape, exploring its ramifications for Europe’s efforts to cultivate peace and stability. The sessions also focused on pinpointing specific questions requiring additional research.

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4–5 December 2023
SIPRI organizes expert-led event on geopolitics, energy and security issues

SIPRI organized a workshop entitled ‘MENASIA: Geopolitics, Energy and Security’. The workshop was held in-house at SIPRI in partnership with the Doha-based Middle East Council on Global Affairs. The event convened 20 experts from Asia, Europe and the Middle East and North Africa for in-depth discussions and reflections.

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Current vacancies:

  • Research Assistant, Food, Peace and Security Programme (Closing date: 31 January)
  • Senior Researcher, Climate Change and Risk Programme (Closing date: 19 February)
  • Researcher, Food, Peace and Security Programme (Closing date: 28 February)

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How Does Climate Change Affect Peace and Security?

Climate change is fundamentally changing human security, ecological security and even international security. There is growing evidence of its impacts on peace and conflict, which is reflected in discussions in the United Nations Security Council. In a series of fact sheets, SIPRI and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs’ (NUPI) Climate-related Peace and Security Risks project has analysed the links between climate, peace and security in countries and regions on the UN Security Council’s agenda. In addition to illustrating the fact sheets’ findings on four interrelated pathways in the relationship between climate change, peace and security, the comic shares lessons learned on how the UN Security Council shapes policies for addressing the complex challenges arising from climate change.

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SIPRI Yearbook 2023
SIPRI Yearbook 2023
SIPRI Yearbook 2023 presents a combination of original data in areas such as world military expenditure, international arms transfers, arms production, nuclear forces, armed conflicts and multilateral peace operations with state-of-the-art analysis of important aspects of arms control, peace and international security. In addition to its detailed coverage of nuclear arms control and non-proliferation issues, the latest edition of the SIPRI Yearbook includes
  • insight on developments in conventional arms control in 2022;
  • regional overviews of armed conflicts and conflict management;
  • in-depth data and discussion on military expenditure, international arms transfers and arms production; and
  • comprehensive coverage of efforts to counter chemical and biological security threats.

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