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The Stockholm Forum: A platform to shape global peace progress

The film uses footage from this year’s Forum (3–4 May 2017) to show why the event – which was in its fourth annual addition in 2017 – has become a major meeting point to share, discuss, and problem-solve issues in peace and development. 


Live-streams of the 3 plenary sessions at the 2017 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development:

Making Sustaining Peace and Agenda 2030 a reality

This high-level panel will consider how the Sustaining Peace resolutions and Agenda 2030 relate to one another. Panellists will evaluate how the two mutually reinforcing agendas might be internationally supported and comprehensively implemented through mechanisms that facilitate inclusion, national ownership and international support.


Debate on multilateral commitments in an increasingly multipolar world

If 2015 was a year of renewed multilateral commitments signalling increasing international cooperation, 2016 was a year of change, upending expectations and challenging the foundations of multilateral cooperation. This debate will directly address the open question of the relevance of international commitments given the current geopolitics of an increasingly multipolar and uncertain world.

The participants will form two teams to debate the statement: 'Multilateral commitments like the New Deal, the SDGs and the Paris Climate Accord are relevant and applicable in 2017'.


Where do we go from here? Violent conflict prevention and multilateralism

This high-level panel will address ways to strengthen multilateral commitments to conflict prevention. Panellists will also speak about how different multilateral actors, national governments and civil society might improve the effectiveness of individual conflict prevention initiatives, as well as how they might build and expand on cooperative approaches.

2017 Stockholm Forum photos