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2017 Stockholm Forum Reports

The main observations and recommendations from the 2017 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development are outlined in the Conference Report. Individual summaries from each of the 17 sessions at the Forum can also be read in the Session Reports. Below these are two Participant Reflections.


Conference Report


Capacity building best practice: Opportunities for improved regional peacebuilding - Session Report No. 1

Climate-fragility risks in the Lake Chad region: Scope for conflict prevention and resilience building - Session Report No. 2

Good practices in security and justice reform - Session Report No. 3

Guns vs Butter: Security and public finance - Session Report No. 4

How can the New Deal and SDG 16+ be achieved? - Session Report No. 5

How do the arts contribute to sustainable peace? - Session Report No. 6

It’s complicated: Iteration, adaptation and systems thinking in complex peacebuilding processes - Session Report No. 7

Leveraging the impact of diasporas on peace and development in their countries of origin - Session Report No. 8

Managing conflict and ensuring peace in the extractive industry - Session Report No. 9

Peace financing - Session Report No. 10

Peace is everyone’s business: Engaging the private sector - Session Report No. 11

Political corruption and organized crime: Drivers, effects and responses - Session Report No. 12

Preventing violent extremism through peacebuilding - Session Report No. 13

Reimagining peacebuilding through innovation - Session Report No. 14

Shrinking civic space: Addressing the gendered threats to peacebuilding and human rights - Session Report No. 15

Strategies for inclusive peace and development processes - Session Report No. 16

Using mapping technologies and information management systems to monitor and build peace - Session Report No. 17


Core issues of an arms trade tax - Participant Reflection

Balancing external support with domestic imperatives in security and justice sector reform - Participant Reflection