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SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations Database

The SIPRI database on multilateral peace operations provides comprehensive, reliable and authoritative data on all multilateral peace operations (both UN and non-UN) conducted around the world. The purpose of the database is to present an annual snapshot of multilateral peace operation deployments. It currently includes more than 120 peace operations and over 600 mission-year entries within the period 20002010.

The database provides several options to search for peace operations. Search results are displayed on an overview page. A details page is available in order to view the full entry for a selected mission during a particular year. Search results can be exported or printed at any time. Unless otherwise stated, all figures are as of 31 December of the reporting year, or as of the date of a mission's closure.

For full details of our user rules for the database, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Multilateral peace operations graphics


The Multilateral Peace Operations Database is currently not publicly available online. Please contact Timo Smit for questions about the data.