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Dr Marina Caparini

Programme Director

Dr Marina Caparini

Dr Marina Caparini

Dr Marina Caparini was until recently a Senior Researcher and Director of the Governance and Society Programme at SIPRI. Her research focused on peacebuilding and the nexus between security and development.

Marina has conducted research on diverse aspects of security and justice governance in post-conflict and post-authoritarian contexts including police development, intelligence oversight, civil-military relations and the regulation of private military and security companies. She has focused recently on police peacekeeping and capacity-building, forced displacement and organized crime. Prior to joining SIPRI in December 2016, she held senior positions at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, the International Center for Transitional Justice and the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces.

Subject expertise

Security and justice development, governance, peacekeeping, peacebuilding

Regional expertise

West Africa, Horn of Africa, East Central Europe

English, French

PhD in War Studies, King’s College London, UK

External publications