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Appendix 7B. The financial value of the arms trade


Table 7B.1. The financial value of global arms exports according to national government and industry sources, 1998–2007


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It is not possible to ascribe a precise financial value to the international arms trade. However, by aggregating financial data from the main suppliers, it is possible to make an indicative estimate. The estimated financial value of the international arms trade in 2007 was $51.1 billion, which represents 0.3 per cent of world trade. This figure is below the true figure because a number of significant exporters, including China, do not release data on the financial value of their arms exports.


According to national data, the USA was the largest arms exporter in 2007, with exports worth $12.8 billion; Russia was in second place, with $7.4 billion; France was in third place, with $6.2 billion; Israel was in fourth place, with $4.4 billion; and the UK was in fifth place, with $4.1 billion.



Mark Bromley (United Kingdom) is a Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers Programme.

Dr Mark Bromley